Mom preserves baby son’s first haircut in stunning resin craft: ‘This is absolutely beautiful’

A crafty mom on TikTok preserved her baby’s hair in resin, and TikTokers were torn about whether it was super cute or super creepy!

Ali Blaser (@aliblaser) is a TikToker and parent who posts comedic lifestyle content for her 74k followers. In one of her viral videos, which has over 6 millions views, Blaser took on a craft that proved to be “hairy” in more ways than one! 

Blaser starts the video by writing “I cut my son’s baby hair yesterday.” In the background we see Blaser’s craft materials, including some glitter, a heart-shaped dish, a cup of resin, and of course, a plastic bag filled with hair. 

“I wanted to keep a lock of it so I thought I would do this,” writes Blaser, as she slowly mixes a plastic cup of resin. Next, the nostalgic parent pours some glitter in the resin, and mixes it with a  wooden stick. 

Then, she pours the resin into a heart-shaped mold, and adds a single lock of the child’s hair, before covering the hair with another layer of glittery resin. “I hope it turns out good,” said Blaser. 

Blaser later followed-up with another video of the final product.


Thank you for the love!! Comment what you want me to make next🌼🌼💕 #PlayBall #FanArt #resinart #babyhair #fyp

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Many of Blaser’s fellow TikTokers failed to see the heartwarming angle of the project. 

“Thank god my mom didn’t do this,” wrote one skeptical user. 

“[I know] this is for memory’s sake but I still think it’s really weird even if it’s your son,” wrote another.

Other users were quick to point out that Blaser’s project was totally normal, and even shared some other unique objects that their parents decided to keep and preserve. 

“For those who think this is ‘creepy,’ my mom literally has a jar of my teeth. What’s so scary about memorabilia?” said one defensive TikToker. 

“Every mom keeps the baby’s hair when it’s their first haircut… it’s not creepy,” wrote another viewer. 

“This is absolutely beautiful,” another user wrote.

If preserving hair in resin isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other creative crafts you can do to immortalize the early stages of parenting. But if you do want to preserve your child’s hair, Blaser’s method looks to be a cut above the rest!

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