Mom preserves ‘inseparable BFFs’ hand and paw prints to create a precious keepsake

A creative mom preserved her daughter’s hand print and dog’s paw print in an adorable craft, honoring the friendship between the toddler and family pet

Mom, crafter, and TikToker Melissa Metrano (@melissametrano) wanted to cherish her daughter and dog’s friendship forever. She decided to make a best friend statue with their respective hand and paw prints and film the process! 


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Melissa began her crafting tutorial explaining that 16-month-old Izzy and 9-year-old family dog, Brady, have become best friends! 

She started the statue-making process by flattening a piece of white clay. Melissa made it big enough to fit both Izzy’s tiny hand and Brady’s little paw! 

Next, Melissa pressed Izzy’s hand into the clay for 5 seconds, followed by Brady’s paw on the other side so that the prints were next to each other. Izzy got to pick out the colors for each of their prints. She chose orange for herself and light blue for Brady. 

Melissa painted both prints with their corresponding colors and “got super emotional while painting.” Once the prints were painted, Melissa stamped the clay above the prints with the best friends’ initials and “BFF for Life.” 

It’s heartwarming to see that Melissa’s toddler gets along with her long-time furry pal so well. Now Melissa has a memory of Izzy and Brady’s friendship that will last forever!

TikTok viewers agreed that this sentimental craft was adorable. One TikToker commented asking, “Where can I get that? I would love to do that with my dog and the kids that I babysit!” 

Another user wrote, “I want to see more videos of Izzy and Brady together!” They’re not alone! 
Melissa has a lot of other DIY projects on her TikTok, including making a statue of Izzy’s foot, growing a crystal garden, making slime, and more! Don’t worry, Brady makes plenty of appearances in these videos too!

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