Mom sits through entire PTA meeting without a clue she’s missing half her makeup: ‘Why am I like this?’

This mom sat through an entire parent-teacher conference before realizing she’d only applied makeup to half of her face!

Meeshylynn (@meeshylynn) is a TikToker and mom of 4 kids who loves sharing funny and relatable parenting videos on TikTok.

Meeshylynn, who describes herself as “your fave Hot Mess Mom,” recently shared a video about the moment she realized she’d forgotten to finish applying her makeup—after attending an entire parent-teacher meeting!

The video, which went viral on TikTok with over 3 million views, starts with Meeshylynn sitting in her car after the parent-teacher meeting. Meeshylynn covers one eye with her hand as she begins to tell her story. 

“I don’t know if I’m laughing right now, I don’t know if I’m crying,” the embarrassed mom tells the camera. “I just left my daughter’s parent-teacher conference, I got back in the car, I’m like, ‘Wow, that was great. This is the year we’re gonna finally be invited to birthday parties.’”

Still covering one eye, Meeshylynn recounts how excited she was when she arrived at the meeting. The other parents all went out of their way to be nice to her, and Meeshylynn started to feel like she was making friends. 

When Meeshylynn realized exactly why the other parents were being nice, she was so embarrassed. “They were nice to me because they felt bad for me,” she explains. 

Finally, Meeshylynn uncovers her eye, revealing that it is makeup-free. While one of Meeshylynn’s eyes has dramatic, dark eyeliner and mascara artfully applied, the other sports no makeup at all. 

“What is that?!” the embarrassed mom exclaims. “I look like an emoji!”

Meeshylynn blames her makeup mishap on “mom brain.” “Are moms just so put together now that ‘mom brain’ isn’t even a thing anymore, and I’m just rolling in here looking like a hot mess all the time?” she jokes. “Why am I like this?”

Viewers found Meeshylynn’s video hilariously relatable and offered comfort and compliments in the comments section. 

“This would literally make me want to be friends more!” one TikToker wrote. 

“Girl, I used to work in the school office. The moms like you were the ones we loved the most! The REAL ones!” another viewer commented. 

“You are doing amazing. Don’t be so harsh with yourself,” said another supportive viewer.    

Being a parent is a ton of work, and Meeshylynn’s videos show how normal it is to make mistakes sometimes. Meeshylynn may have forgotten her makeup, but she remembered to have a great sense of humor—and that’s more important!

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