Mom of quadruplet toddlers and a 5-year-old stuns TikTok with a day in her life: ‘I’m exhausted just watching this’

This TikTok parent shared an average day in her life as she raises a 5-year-old and quadruplet toddlers

Dayna (@helloquadruplets) is a mom who shares heartwarming videos of her 5-year-old son and quadruplet toddlers on TikTok.

While many of her videos showcase her kids’ adorable hijinks, Dayna recently shared a video that revealed just how much work goes into raising 5 young kids. 

The video, which racked up 5.2 million views, shows Dayna’s daily parenting routine. It begins with Dayna waking up early to make breakfast before her kids wake up. While Dayna’s husband brews some coffee, Dayna slices fresh fruit, and prepares plates for each of her kids.

Next, it’s wake-up time for the quadruplets and 5-year-old. “I wake up my 5-year-old who helps me wake up the quadruplets, and my husband is usually long gone to work by now,” Dayna explains. “They come downstairs, I change diapers, and they have breakfast together.”

After breakfast, the kids play, while Dayna gets a much-needed caffeine fix. Before she knows it, it’s time to eat again. The hardworking parent gives her kids some snacks, then changes them into pajamas for nap time. At this point, Dayna explains, “There’s usually a tantrum and the house is destroyed.”

After a little bit of relaxation time, Dayna preps lunch, wakes the kids up, and changes some diapers. Her afternoon looks much like her morning, with lots of play time and a few toddler tantrums. After taking the kids outside for some fresh air, Dayna returns home exhausted and orders some dinner for the family. Finally, after a little bit more play, Dayna puts the kids to sleep and the day is over. 

Viewers were blown away by Dayna’s day-in-the-life video, and jumped into the comments section to share how impressed they were—and to commiserate about the challenges of parenting multiple kids. 

“So much respect for you mom. I have one child and I’m always tired. Thank you for being an example of what a mother really is,” one parent wrote. 

“You make it look so easy! You’re doing great mom! I bet y’all are just pooped at the end of the day! Such a cute family!” another viewer commented. 

“I’m exhausted watching this,” another TikToker joked. 

Dayna adores her kids and is open about how exhausting it can be to raise quadruplets. The inspiring mom has a sense of humor about all the work that goes into caring for 5 young children, and even shared a video poking fun at the fact that she ended up with quadruplets after trying for a second child.

Raising 5 kids might take a lot of work, but Dayna makes it clear that it also involves a lot of love!

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