Nurse looks down at laboring mom and catches rare disorder doctors failed to spot: ‘How do you not notice that?’

For 25 years, doctors failed to notice this mom had two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteruses — and now, her shocking story is going viral.

When TikToker @britsburg shared her stunning gynecological tale, she gained over 3.1 million views and nearly 7,000 shocked comments.

Now — like the mom who was handed the wrong newborn baby not once, but twice by hospital staff — this mom is pushing other women to self-advocate while in the hospital or at a doctor’s appointment.

The mom’s stitched video begins with the prompt, “What is something a doctor completely ignored you about when clearly there was something wrong?”

“Um, yeah, I’m about to own this,” @britsburg replies.

She then recounts her harrowing medical journey. For years, the signs were there: heavy, painful periods twice a month; painful sex; carrying her baby on just one side…

But despite these symptoms — and even after giving birth to her first baby — not a single doctor managed to notice her rare disorder.

It wasn’t until she was 30 hours into labor with her second baby that a nurse finally noticed: @britsburg was born with uterine didelphys, a rare congenital abnormality in which a female fetus develops a second uterus — and sometimes, as in this mom’s case, a second cervix and vagina as well.

And somehow, despite many exams and Pap smears, no one ever diagnosed @britsburg with this condition.

Now, the mom is a proud “UD advocate,” as she describes herself in her TikTok bio, bringing attention to her rare condition — and encouraging other moms to seek second opinions, follow their guts and advocate for their wellness during appointments.

‘That is a crazy oversight…’

TikTokers by the thousands shared their shocked reactions in the comment section.

“Yep, some doctors should not be doctors,” one user wrote.

“How did they not notice during ultrasounds?!” another gasped.

“How the heck have you had Pap smears and they didn’t notice??” asked another.

“Woah that is a crazy oversight,” observed one user.

But some users gave props to the one person who finally helped @britsburg get a diagnosis. “Shout out to the nurse!!” wrote one TikToker.

Hopefully, this shocking video will serve as a cautionary tale to patients around the world: don’t ever be afraid to get a second, third or even fourth medical opinion!

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