Mom records powerful message for other moms who shame her postpartum stomach: ‘My body is not your body’

A TikToker is going viral for shutting down postpartum body-shamers — specifically moms who shame fellow moms — and parents everywhere are applauding her powerful message.

Mom of two, Kenia (@kreepyyy_), received over 150,000 views when she stitched a response to the question, “What’s one question you hate being asked?”

To answer this, Kenia first had to reveal what the question was about, and that was her postpartum stomach.


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“‘Why does your stomach look like that?'” Kenia asks in the video, posing as her body-shamers.

But as Kenia explains, it’s not necessarily the question itself that bothers her but the statements that tend to follow.

“‘Mine doesn’t look like that. That didn’t happen to me,'” she says, again pretending to be her critics.

What Kenia finds most disturbing about these statements, however, is that they tend to be made by fellow moms.

“I am not you. You are not me. My body is not your body… I didn’t snap back like you did, and that’s ok,” she says.

“I just don’t understand why other moms go after other moms when you guys know exactly what the f*** we’ve been through,” she continues.

She concludes her video by powerfully stating, “Let’s normalize stretch marks and postpartum bodies.”

But Kenia doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to promoting body acceptance; she boldly and beautifully walks the walk as well — literally!


Since some of you seem bothered by scars, I’ll show it off even more 😘💖#stretchmarks #postpartumbody #bodypositivity

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In another viral video, Kenia films herself doing the “walk challenge” on TikTok. In it, the mom of two proudly displays her stomach, puts on a cute outfit, and struts her stuff at 0.3X speed.

Her caption? “Since some of you seem bothered by scars, I’ll show it off even more. #stretchmarks #postpartumbody #bodypositivity”

‘Now I know I’m not alone…’

Thousands of TikTokers jumped in the comments to applaud Kenia’s videos.

“Mom shaming sucks. Also, you’re gorgeous,” one user wrote.

“My tummy looks the same! Warrior scars! Proud of them!” another user commented.

“Thank you so much for sharing. I have felt so insecure about my stomach. Now I know I’m not alone,” one parent shared.

“Thank you for posting this. All these years, I thought everyone else was just blessed except me. I felt left out,” another user wrote.

“Man, I love this, thank you. I’m always feeling so insecure about my stomach,” commented another user.

“It’s not even about snapping back. It’s genetics! We cannot control how our skin stretches and its elasticity and shrinking back to normal,” one user said.

“Yes! After my 1st baby, my belly looked normal. After my 2nd… It currently looks like I carried triplets. You’re beautiful,” another parent wrote.

“Finally, someone says it!!! Can we also normalize having a pouch if we had a c-section? And that it’s not easy to get rid of it?” one user wrote.

“I could never imagine saying either of those things to someone! Moms are effin warriors and you are stunningly beautiful!” another parent commented.

Hopefully, Kenia’s powerful videos teach other moms not only to embrace their own postpartum bodies but also to empower other moms to do the same.

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