Mom ‘lost and scared’ after husband let newborn cry for ‘2 hours straight’ while she was away

A mom is afraid her husband doesn’t know how to take care of their newborn. 

She asked Reddit’s “Mommit” forum for advice. The mom asked her husband to watch their 3-month-old son while she was away. But when she returned, she couldn’t believe the condition her newborn was in. 

“I’m so lost and scared,” she wrote. “As a SAHM I don’t get out much, so I ask husband if he’d watch our son so I could get out. He agreed. The night went great and I came home to a whiney baby (which I thought was weird because my baby is always super happy) but I chalked it up to him being tired.” 

She noticed something was off when the newborn slept for seven hours; he typically sleeps for only four or five.

“Today my step dad (who was also in the house at the time my husband was taking care of son) told me [my] son cried for 2 hours straight, just screaming his lungs out,” she wrote

“When he came upstairs to figure out what was going on my husband was on the couch watching TV, ignoring [his] son. Step dad picked the baby up and said he was freezing. Husband said ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with him’ and stayed lying down on the couch.” 

Her stepfather was too scared to leave the newborn alone with her husband and took care of the infant. Now, the mom is wondering what she should do. 

Redditors warned the mom that the father was a danger to the child.

“Doesn’t know how or doesn’t bother to try?” someone commented

“He made a choice to neglect his child,” another said

“He let the baby cry for two hours straight. Divorce and calling child protected services are the only correct answers,” a user replied

The mom has since deleted the post but shared an update. She is divorcing her husband and aiming to get full custody of her child.

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