Single mom refuses to pay for babysitter’s laptop after kid breaks it: ‘What is your logic here?’

A single mother is refusing to pay for her babysitter’s broken laptop

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her babysitter is 17, and her children are 8 and 6. One day, the 6-year-old broke the babysitter’s laptop

“I was shocked I asked how this happened, and she said that she left the laptop in the livingroom and went to make the kids lunch but my youngest grabbed it and ran with it til he dropped it and broke the screen,” the mother explained

“I said that was horrible and apologized to her but stated it was her fault for leaving the laptop within reach of children.”

The babysitter argued that the children were old enough not to take other people’s belongings. She asked the single mom to cover the cost of the repairs. 

“I refused and insisted it was her problem not mine. She ranted about having exams soon and not having enough money to get it fixed. We argued and I had to tell her to go home,” the mom wrote

Now the babysitter, who was paid in advance, is refusing to watch the kids until the mom fixes the laptop. 

Redditors thought the mom was responsible for fixing the laptop. 

“What is your logic here? Did you even punish your children for what they did?” a person asked

“You pay for what your kids destroy. That’s part of being a parent. End of story,” another said

“I’m almost shocked that she expected the babysitter to come back and continue working for her,” a user replied

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