Mom has perfect response to everyone who says ‘life is over when you have kids’: ‘This made me burst out laughing’

A mom is going viral for filming the perfect response to everyone who says your life ends after you have kids, and parents everywhere are cracking up at her twist ending.

Mom and TikToker @salemgideon gained nearly six million views and seven thousand comments when she posted her funny video online.

In the video, @salemgideon is seen sitting in the driver’s seat of her car, hair and makeup done, looking ready to have a fun day on the town.

“Alright, so, for everyone who says life is over when you start having kids… Um, it is 10am, on a Tuesday, and we’re on our way to a concert,” she says to the camera.

Suddenly, the video cuts to footage of said concert — and it’s a performance at Imagine City, with characters singing and clapping to “Baby Shark.”

TikTokers cracked up at the unexpected twist

Thousands of comments came pouring in, applauding @salemgideon for her surprise ending.

“This made me burst out laughing,” commented one parent.

“Girl you had me lol,” one fooled user commented.

“I was looking for hope but found a nope,” joked another user.

“*Runs to take my birth control*,” wrote one non-parent.

“This should be shown in schools to prevent pregnancies,” another user joked.

This mom’s funny video just goes to show that kids bring all sorts of new joys to one’s life — like early-morning bangers at “Baby Shark” concerts!

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