Mom faces ridicule from family over her children’s ‘expensive’ outfit choices: ‘I don’t think it’s my problem’

A woman’s sister-in-law (SIL) disapproves of her financial choices. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She is a plastic surgeon, while her husband is a neurosurgeon, so they are financially stable. Their daughters get good grades and stay out of trouble, so the couple rewards them with nice clothing. However, the mother’s sister-in-law disapproves of the clothing. 

“Yesterday, we hosted dinner at our house to celebrate father-in-law’s birthday, and many family members came, including SIL,” the Reddit poster said. “My daughters were dressed formally. When SIL and her kids arrived, she stared at my daughters with a frown. Later in the evening, before dinner was served, she pulled me aside and asked me why did I allow my girls to wear those clothes. I asked her what she meant, and she said that teenagers shouldn’t wear expensive clothing if they didn’t buy them with their own money. I told her that it was okay since although they don’t have jobs, they work for it by getting good grades. She told me that it was not fair and that her kids always asked her to buy them stuff from the same brands. I asked her what I could do then since, honestly, I don’t think it’s my problem. She said that I needed to stop buying them those clothes, and everything would be fine.” 

The Reddit poster disagreed with her sister-in-law, but things quickly escalated. 

“She called for my MIL and asked her for her opinion,” the Reddit poster wrote. “MIL said that they had no business deciding what my daughters can wear and offered to buy some clothes from that brand for her kids. She started calling me a selfish brat and [saying] that I didn’t know what hard work is. She just cussed me out and went to the table to continue eating. This morning, I received a message from her husband saying that I behaved like a b**** and demanded me to apologize to his wife, as well as complying with her wishes. I just said no and hung up. Now, they are threatening to go no contact with us unless I apologize, but my ego is too big to do so.”

Reddit users thought the sister-in-law was being insecure. 

“She can’t honestly expect everyone in life to act like they’re at her income level because she’s insecure about it,” one person said

“They have zero business deciding what your teenage daughters can and can’t wear,” another said

“Imagine telling someone who went through med school they don’t know what hard work is,” a user commented

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