Mom on road trip with newborn demonstrates how she breastfeeds: ‘My back hurts just watching this’

Moms all over TikTok are telling us how they breastfeed without actually telling us how they breastfeed, and it’s hilarious! 

While breastfeeding is a natural way to feed babies, the process can feel anything but natural to many new nursing parents. So it’s no surprise that parents are combining breastfeeding and TikTok challenges in these hilarious videos where they tell people they breastfeed without telling people they breastfeed. 

This video captioned “Road trips with newborns,” from TikToker and mom Lexi Maupin (@lexilisciandra), shows Maupin splayed out across the backseat of a moving car. 

With one hand on a grab handle, the other on the back seat, and her shirt rolled halfway up, Maupin awkwardly leans over her baby’s car seat for a feeding. 

Maupin’s backseat breastfeeding amused viewers, and many could relate. 

“I just did this two weeks ago! Got off a plane, and my son was hungry on our way to lunch, so had to do this,” shared one user. 

Aside from a baby’s demanding feeding schedule, any changes to your body can also be jarring, leaving you wondering, “Seriously?”

Take this video from TikToker and mom Frejha Young (@frejhay). The clip starts with close-up footage of Young facing the camera.

Casually chewing gum, she gives a cheeky look to the camera as if to say, “Get ready for this.” She then slowly steps backwards to reveal her “lopsided as hell” breasts. 

“What the actual fuggg?” is written on screen as Young motions to her one breast that’s twice the size of her other one. 

Young’s humorous clip struck a chord with viewers, some of whom shared that they, too, are “lopsided for life.” 

Others, unable to resist a pun, encouraged Young to “Hang in there,” to which she joked, “Literally!”

Many nursing parents have uneven breasts as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to WebMD, it’s common for some people to end up with one of their breasts becoming a full cup size larger or smaller than the other after breastfeeding.

While this change can be frustrating, it helps to remember that your breasts are doing important work when breastfeeding.

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