Mom has to make difficult decision between putting down daughter’s guinea pig or spending thousands to save its life

This TikTok parent shared how she spent $1,500 to save her daughter’s sick guinea pig!

Misses Walt (@mrswalttoyou) is a self-described “TikTok mom and wife” who believes “you can’t take life too seriously.” Walt recently shared a relatable video showing how she reacted when her daughter’s guinea pig got sick. 

The video, which racked up 4.4. million views and counting, shows how Walt was forced to decide whether to put the sick guinea pig down or spend a large amount of money to save her daughter’s sick pet

Spoiler alert: Walt spends the money and saves the guinea pig!

The video begins with a shot of Walt looking into the camera, a sardonic expression on her face. Dramatic music plays as the camera zooms in on Walt’s face as she widens her eyes and purses her lips. A caption reads, “My daughter’s guinea pig is injured, so I had to decide on saving it or putting it out of its misery.”

From Walt’s comically frustrated facial expression, it is clear she struggled before making her decision. 

Next, the video cuts to a shot of Walt’s daughter’s guinea pig lying on a towel, 2 tiny pink casts attached to its front feet. “$1,500 later,” a caption reads.

In a quick montage of shots, Walt details all of the expensive and time-consuming medical treatments her daughter’s guinea pig is undergoing. These include electromagnetic therapy 4 times a day, 6 sessions of laser therapy, and 2 sets of antibiotics, which Walt is shown patiently feeding her daughter’s tiny pet

Walt clearly spent a lot of time and money to save her daughter’s guinea pig, but in one shot, she makes it clear that it was all worth it. Towards the end of the video, Walt shares a photo of her daughter riding in the back of her car, cradling the guinea pig in her arms. The guinea pig is looking up at Walt’s daughter, and Walt’s daughter is lovingly returning the guinea pig’s gaze. It’s clear from the photo just how much the guinea pig means to Walt’s daughter

Viewers applauded Walt for saving her daughter’s guinea pig.

“You are teaching your daughter an invaluable lesson about compassion,” wrote one viewer.

“Just know your child will always remember you saving her little fur friend and it will mean the world to her no matter the cost,” another TikToker wrote. 

“Therapist crying in the club right now because you taught your daughter that the value of having compassion is worth far more than $1,500,” responded another TikToker. 

Walt may have lost $1,500, but she saved a life, and taught her daughter a valuable lesson about compassion in the process!

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