Hilarious mom shares secret reason she wants teachers to ‘stay far away’ at school drop-off

A mom revealed the reason why she doesn’t want any teachers approaching her car during school drop-off. 

TikToker Monique Glamour had parents cackling in her comments section. The mom posted a video about what she really looked like during school drop-off. While those who keep a safe distance see one thing, people who dare get closer to her car may discern an entirely different story. 

“This is what you see when I drop the kids off in the morning. Stay far away. Don’t come up on the car,” she joked

The mom had a full face of makeup with pink lipstick, her hair wrapped in a scarf, and only the top of her purple dress was visible. She explained that, from the window, she looked good.

But of course, there was more than meets the eye. Had anyone gone up to the car for a closer look, things might not have been as primped as they appeared. The mom was wearing a housedress with a bra, and her boob was caught in the seat belt. She advised people to stay 10 feet away. 

“Don’t come up all over here. Don’t get in this,” she said

Commenters confessed to running similar games during school drop-off. 

“Sometimes I leave with no shoes,” someone wrote

“My mom wore a scarf on her head, her nightgown, trench coat, black pumps, and her lips were always on. Sometimes under the coat was just a slip,” another said

“Omgawd this morning I had to keep my head facing forward because I have 4 lashes on one eye and 20 on the other!” a user commented

“The accuracy of this video is insane!!! Cause this is me daily,” a TikToker replied

“Yes!!! I wear yoga pants that have never seen yoga, a sports bra that doesn’t sport, and a black tank that… just..wave from afar,” a person added

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