Mom takes severe action after discovering her daughter’s YouTube channel: ‘This situation is disturbing’

A mother sent her daughter a cease and desist letter after seeing the content of the teenager’s YouTube channel.

She shared what led to getting the law involved on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The 51-year-old’s daughter is 19 and has a YouTube channel. When the teen opened up about her private life to her subscribers in a video, she revealed that the mother’s 27-year-old boyfriend has mental health issues. Then the mother demanded the teen remove the videos and sent a cease and desist. 

“In the content she posted, she claims that my boyfriend is bipolar and that he’d go through periods where he was very amicable and gregarious,” the mother said. “And others where he’d sleep in the guest room and close all the curtains to his room and claims that I hid his mental illness from the world. I called my daughter and confronted her on publicly labeling my boyfriend bipolar. Those claims are factually untrue. My boyfriend’s therapists all unanimously determined he was not bipolar, he just had anxiety and a pattern of avoidance towards that anxiety due to a bad childhood that he subsequently channels into a general state of sullenness.” 

The mother insisted that she was fine with her boyfriend’s behavior. 

“I told my daughter to take it down because she was basically defaming him and she refused and said she was trying to tell her story,” the mother wrote. “I ended up having my lawyer send a cease and desist to my daughter regarding her slandering my boyfriend’s state of mental health. She called and asked who used lawyers against her daughter and that she couldn’t afford legal help. I told her to just take the content down.” 

Reddit users thought the mother was way out of line. 

“This post is disturbing, and I really feel for your daughter. It sounds like you were exposing her to an unhealthy situation,” one person wrote

“She cares about her boyfriend’s feelings but she doesn’t seem to care about her daughters,” another commented

“You’ve been a better, more protective mother to your boyfriend than your daughter,” someone said

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