Mom shares a clever hack for removing a stuck toy ball from a sink

This parent on TikTok shared a genius hack for removing a toy ball stuck in the sink using just a can of soda. 

As fun as tiny bouncy balls and other vending machine toys are, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing. TikToker Alexis Carlton (@lexilynne95) knows this all too well. Recently, the parent posted a video of a brilliant hack for removing certain small objects from the sink, and the best part is it only requires a single can of soda

The clip opens with a shot of a bathroom sink with a text overlay telling viewers that her son’s toy ball is stuck in the sink. To retrieve the ball, Carlton begins to pour a can of Coke Zero into the drain.

The fizzy beverage starts to bubble, forming what appears to be a whirlpool of Coke swirling in the sink’s drain. The bubbling intensifies, and all of a sudden, a little orange ball emerges from the drain, ending the video on a high note. 

Carlton’s soda pop plumbing trick had jaws dropping all over TikTok, and many viewers wanted to know if the hack would work for other objects.  

“Think smarter, not harder,” said one user. 

“Would my earrings come up if I try this? I really need them back,” asked one TikToker. 

“I wish that would work with the toys [my] kids have flushed [down] the toilet,” one parent mentioned. 

While the hack is undoubtedly helpful, Carlton posted a disclaimer in the comments to mention that there’s a stopper inside of her sink’s drain, so the ball did not fall into the pipe, making it easy for the soda’s carbonation to bring it to the surface.   
Fixing a clogged sink can feel like an upstream battle. Fortunately, simple hacks like Carlton’s can help clear blocked pipes without the plumbing bill.

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