Mom shares 5 no-nonsense back-to-school shopping rules for her kids: ‘Don’t test me’

TikTokers are applauding this mom for her matter-of-fact back-to-school shopping rules for her kids.

TikToker Carrie Turner (@keepingupwithcarrie) is a parent and content creator who posts funny clips that feature a heavy dose of parenting humor. Recently, Turner shared a video where she breaks down the five biggest back-to-school shopping rules she has for her kids, and viewers are enjoying her no-nonsense approach. 

The clip opens with a front-facing shot of Turner addressing the camera while sitting in the front seat of her car. The mom-of-two explains that when it comes to back-to-school shopping, she has five non-negotiable rules

The first rule on the list is that once an item has been purchased, there’s no room for buyer’s remorse. “You will wear that outfit or those shoes all school year. Period,” Turner states, punctuating each word. 

Moving on to rule number two, Turner says that her kids can pick any style of clothing or shoes that they want, with one caveat. “If it does not fit correctly, I’m not getting it. Period,” she asserts. 

Turner’s third back-to-school shopping rule requires some patience. “You will not wear any of your back-to-school clothes until school starts. Period,” stresses Turner. 

Like rule number three, rule number four also requires a bit of impulse control: No stepping in the grass or mud while wearing new school shoes. “Stay on the sidewalk. Stay on the parking lot. Stay on freakin’ concrete. Period,” Turner orders. 

Closing the video, Turner shares her final back-to-school shopping rule. “Don’t test me. Period,” she warns.

“Same here.”

Turner’s back-to-school shopping manifesto had many viewers simultaneously laughing and nodding their heads in agreement.  

“Amen, mama, same here,” one parent commented.

“These are the rules that my mom has, too,” shared one TikToker. 

“Now I’m scared to go shopping with my mom,” another viewer joked.

Based on Turner’s ironclad principles, this isn’t her first time at the back-to-school shopping rodeo.

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