Mom shares brilliant hack for hiding valuables in plain sight: ‘So creative’

This parent on TikTok shared a brilliant hack for keeping valuables safe at the beach, and viewers are shook!

TikTok account Crafty Moms (@craftymoms) is known for videos featuring clever hacks and DIY projects for parents and kids alike. One of their videos features a clever trick for keeping your belongings secure at the beach when you’re in the water, and it’s genius!

The clip begins with a woman sitting under an umbrella at the beach, as her daughter tries to persuade her to swim in the ocean. 

“Are you trying to enjoy the beach but are afraid to leave your stuff when you go in the water with the kids?” the voiceover narration asks over footage of the mom reluctantly leaving her bag. The following shot reveals a wallet, keys, and cash, placed obviously inside the beach bag

“Try this,” the VO recommends in the next shot, where the filmer unwraps a fresh diaper and places the valuables on one end before wrapping them up and disguising them as a dirty diaper. 

“Nobody likes a dirty diaper,” the video’s narration affirms over a shot of the mom placing her diaper-wrapped belongings underneath her beach chair, making it look even more like a dirty diaper

Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on this sneaky beach trick. 

“Such a great hack! I’ll definitely do this,” said one enthusiastic parent with a string of clapping emojis. 

“This would work, but my husband would throw this away,” one cautious TikToker noted. 

“You forgot to smear a [little] Nutella around the edges,” one user joked. 

“And yet she has no baby with her. Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious,” joked one viewer. 

As innovative as this trick is, parents will definitely want to make sure the diaper with the car keys doesn’t get thrown out with the rest of them.

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