Mom shares brilliant hack for preventing tantrums at bedtime: ‘This is huge for parenting’

This parent shared her brilliantly simple hack for preventing tantrums at bedtime, which simply involves presenting her toddler with options and letting him choose!

Alisha Denke (@alishadenke) is a TikToker and parent whose son sometimes throws tantrums when it’s time for bed. Fortunately, Alisha came up with a hack that helps prevent bedtime tantrums: She gives her son options! In a video, Alisha shared how she prints out two lists of bedtime routine options for her son and lets him choose the more appealing one. The idea is that this helps prevent tantrums by making him feel like he’s in control!


I don’t like tantrums at bedtime.

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The video begins with a shot of two pieces of paper on a table. The first piece of paper has a big letter A on it with a list beneath that reads, “Bath, Snack, Brush Teeth, Potty, Netflix, Sleep.” The second list has a large B on it and a list beneath that reads, “Shower, Brush & Floss, Story Time, Cuddles, Potty, Sleep.”

“These are your options,” Alisha says, sliding the pieces of paper towards her toddler who is sitting at the table. “A or B?”

Alisha reads the lists out loud to her son, then asks, “How you feeling tonight? You feeling like cuddles, or are you feeling like Netflix and bed?”

Alisha pans the camera up to her son who is clutching an iPad to his chest. “I’m feeling like Netflix and bed,” he replies. 

“So if you’re feeling like Netflix and bed, maybe you need a bath, then a snack, brush teeth, potty, Netflix and sleep, yeah?” Alisha asks. 

“Mmhm,” Alisha’s son replies, nodding his head. 

“Alright my guy!” Alisha exclaims, grabbing option A. “A it is.”

Viewers applauded the mom for giving her son choices.

“I love this. Giving them two options makes them feel like they’re in control even though they’re not,” one viewer wrote. 

“I feel like giving him options will help his decision making skills growing up,” another viewer commented. 

“This is huge for parenting. My boyfriend and I struggle to make decisions because they were made for us for so long without our input. Awesome job, mama!” another TikToker commented. 

Alisha’s son might just be learning useful decision making skills for the future, all while preventing tantrums in the present! 

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