Mom shares brilliant hack for when kids want things at the store

This TikTok parent shared a genius hack for preventing meltdowns when kids don’t get something they want at the store! As an added bonus, the hack is a great way to build gift lists for future holidays!

Lauren (@lauren.clutter) is a parent who shares parenting videos and hacks on TikTok. The creative parent recently shared a brilliant hack that simultaneously curbs meltdowns when telling kids, ‘No,’ at the store and helps parents build gift lists for holidays! The hack? Just take a picture of the item your child wants!

The video begins with a shot of Lauren standing in her home, speaking to the camera. “Mom hack to avoid tiny human meltdowns when you’re out shopping, [and] they see something that they want, and you don’t plan to buy it right then,” she says, introducing the topic of the video. 

In the next shot, Lauren and her toddler daughter are at a store together. Lauren’s daughter kneels on the floor in front of a shelf and clutches a plastic container full of blue and pink cotton candy in her hands. 

“Did you want that?” Lauren asks. Her daughter nods enthusiastically, and Lauren continues, “Would you like me to put it on your birthday list?”

“Yeah!” her daughter replies. 

“Alright, put it back so I can take a picture,” Lauren instructs. 

Without hesitation or complaint, Lauren’s daughter places the tub of candy back on the shelf, and Lauren snaps a picture. Instead of getting upset that she can’t have the thing she wants, Lauren’s daughter reacts calmly, knowing the item is not forgotten, and is stored on her birthday list. 

In the final shot, Lauren appears back in her home. “Once you have a picture, make a folder on your phone,” she recommends. “Title it your child’s name and you can say, ‘Gift List,’ and then when their birthday or Christmas comes up, and family or friends are asking what they want, you’ve got a whole list of pictures of things that your kids have actually told you they want.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Lauren’s clever hack!

“I’ve been doing this for 5 years. I have them hold the item, we snap a pic, then send it to ‘Santa!’” one viewer commented. 

“We love this hack! My kids now say, ‘Mom, can you put this on my list’ instead of asking me to buy it,” another TikToker wrote.

While it can be tough for kids not to get what they want right away, Lauren’s hack is a great way to teach patience, while avoiding meltdowns in the process! 

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