Mom shares controversial ‘folding’ hack on TikTok: ‘I really don’t understand this’

A mom on TikTok shared a laundry “folding” hack that has viewers split.

Courtney, aka @playroominspo on TikTok, is a parent who loves helping other parents with decor and organization hacks that can make their lives easier.

Her latest hack is a major time-saver that bypasses folding laundry entirely. 


Reply to @user65931734 No more folding kid’s clothes. #kidsroom #kidsroomideas #toddlermom #newmom #momsoftiktok #momlife #toddlertok

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The hackwhich she posted on TikTok — shows Courtney sitting in front of a storage system that consists of several bins tucked into a minimal, sturdy frame. “Normalize not folding your kid’s clothes,” she says.

The video then shows a time-lapse of Courtney placing the clothes into various bins as she says, “I timed putting these clothes away, and it was four minutes.”

Viewers can see Courtney simply organizing the clothes into various bins without folding them. 

She continues, “[It’s] so much better than clothes piled up for days, waiting to be folded. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I don’t even pair socks. No-fold system for the win!”

So simple, yet so effective!

Courtney’s no-fold system is a major game-changer, considering the average American parent spends about one hour and 12 minutes on laundry per week, according to a study commissioned by Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple.

The 10-second video has racked up 3.3 million views, and many commenters expressed gratitude for Courtney’s time-saving hack. 

“THIS! I don’t fold their clothes and hang up shirts! Survival,” wrote one thankful parent in survival mode. 

“We don’t bother folding cuz kids rifle through and throw all over the floor anyway,” wrote another parent who’s not sugarcoating anything.

But not everyone was thrilled about Courtney’s laundry system. 

One unimpressed TikToker commented, “Really? What happened to self discipline? I say WE normalize self care by being clean and neat. Lead by example mom…”

Courtney thoughtfully replied to the comment saying, “I really don’t understand this. We all go through times where our systems change to meet our busy lives. We all have tasks we don’t like doing.” 

Which is to say, do what works for you! 

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