Mom shares fun prize game idea that involves racing toy cars

This mom on TikTok shared a fun idea for a game where kids race toy cars across a table with prizes secretly taped to the other side, and whichever prize the car lands on, they get to keep!

TikToker Nina (@ninaandfam867) is a parent and content creator who posts clips of activities with her two kids, Landyn and Harper, as well as funny parenting-related skits. One of Nina’s videos features a fun game that involves racing matchbox cars across a table with prizes discreetly taped to the other side, and kids get to keep whichever item the car stops closest to!

The clip opens with a shot of Landyn and Harper sitting on one side of a large table in the kitchen. Various objects such as play slime and pop-it toys are taped covertly to the opposite end of the table. 

“Okay, are you guys ready to play the game?” Nina asks her kids from behind the camera. Ready and prepped, the kids are off to the races. 

First up is Harper, who gleefully pushes her toy car straight across the table, flying over the mini tub of slime

Next is Landyn, who carefully rolls his car straight to the other side of the table before it rolls off over a yellow pop-it toy. 

“Alright, Harper, you got the first one, and Landyn, you got the one from the right,” Nina says, helping them practice their laterality and directionality skills. 

Harper squeals in excitement over her slime prize, and her adorable pigtails bounce as she jumps up and down. Both kids pull their prizes off the table before the video ends. 

Viewers enjoyed the creative and interactive prize game

“Yayy,” one user cheered in support. 

“What do y’all do with the extra stuff?” one TikToker inquired, to which another viewer joked, “They give them to me.” 
Nina’s game looks enjoyable for people of all ages because, after all, prizes are always fun, no matter how old you are.

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