Mom shares hack to help teach kids 2 languages at once

A teacher and single mother came up with a simple way for her daughters to learn a second language. 

Picking up on a second language is always easier the younger you are. Being multilingual has been shown to improve cognition and can even open more employment opportunities. So why not give kids a head start? 

TikToker has two young daughters who are learning to read and speak. The mom came up with an inexpensive way for them to learn Spanish without paying for classes. 

“Parenting hack from a teacher: Have all of your kids’ screen time be in another language. My kids only watch TV and tablets in Spanish,” she said

Her two daughters were lounging around the television, fully immersed in a Spanish language show. 

“Now they both speak Spanish, and my younger daughter is almost fluent,” the mother said. “My older daughter is learning to read, so I put the subtitles in Spanish, and we talk about the difference between how to read in both languages.”

The mom did have one caveat. “Be sure to learn the language, or your kids will be telling each other secrets, and you won’t understand them.” 

She also explained that her kids have always been exposed to Spanish through media, but now “they understand what they are watching and love it!” 

People praised the mom’s creative teaching method. 

“Yes! It’s better for children to learn two languages at the same time if the goal is bilingualism! And introduce another language before the age of 6!” someone commented

“I’m not going to lie, that’s genius,” a person wrote

“I learned English by watching Full House and playing video games in English. Now I’m the best in my English class,” another said

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