Mom shares what it’s like trying to eat with kids around

This TikTok parent shared a hilariously relatable video showing what it’s like when she tries to eat with her kids around!

Ally (@albeese) is a mom and TikToker who shares funny parenting content along with adorable videos of her kids. In a recent video, Ally shared how difficult it can be trying to eat as a parent. In the hilarious video, Ally acts out what it’s like to finally sit down to enjoy her meal, only to be constantly interrupted by her kids.

The video begins with a shot of Ally approaching the kitchen table, a blue and white bowl in her hands. Ally has her hair in a high bun and wears a pink sweater. She smiles as she sits down and a caption appears on screen that reads, “When mom finally sits down to eat.”

Ally places a spoon in the bowl and is about to raise it to her mouth when a caption appears on screen that reads, “Mom I need a napkin!” Ally rolls her eyes and shifts in her seat. She mouths the word, “Okay.”

Before she can even stand up, another child chimes in. “Mom, my drink is empty,” they say. 

“Okay,” Ally responds.

Once again she starts to stand, but is interrupted. “Mom, I have to poop!” another child complains. 

“Is that right?” Ally mouths, then picks up her bowl and leaves the table without enjoying any food. The video ends as the mom rushes to help her kids, leaving her dinner uneaten. 

Ally’s relatable video had viewers cracking up!

“By the time I sit down to eat anything, my food is cold and I’ve probably reheated it 3 or more times,” one parent responded. 

“I literally eat standing and off of my kid’s plate because there isn’t a point for me to have a plate,” another parent wrote. 

“Seriously! Every single night! I swear my husband secretly told them not to say ‘Dad’,” another parent chimed in. 

Finding time to eat as a parent can certainly be tough, but Ally has a great sense of humor about it!

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