Mom shocks daughter with ‘manipulative’ wedding move: ‘You are a selfish person’

A woman’s daughter accused her of being manipulative.

The mother of three consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum with the matter. When she offered to pay for half of her daughters’ wedding dresses, provided they pick only the ones she liked, it tore the family apart. 

“When we all went dress shopping (both daughters, myself, my mom) my daughter was indecisive but I really loved one specific dress,” the mother explained. “It was $2,300 and gorgeous/timeless. I told my daughter that I would pay for half the dress if she chose it. My daughter was very tempted but she went with a different dress. She asked, ‘So mom, let’s go splitsies?’ and I said no. The 50/50 offer was for one specific dress that she did not choose, she got upset and said I was trying to manipulate her.”

The daughter was upset but eventually, the issue blew over. Now, the mother’s youngest daughter is getting married in 2021 and the old conflict has returned. 

“We went dress shopping just a few days ago,” the mother wrote. “She asked all of us there to pick out a dress for her to try. I fell in love with a dress that was a bit more princess-y than my daughter originally had in mind but I made the same offer as I did to my older daughter: I’ll pay for half of this dress. After trying on a whole bunch of dresses, my youngest daughter asked us all what we thought and I reiterated my original offer: I’ll pay for half of that dress. The prospect of a half-off dress was good enough for her to take it. So she bought the dress that I had picked out for her and I paid for half of it. My older daughter was very upset. She said it’s unfair and that is manipulative.”

Reddit users felt the mother was being self-centered.

“You are a selfish person,” one user wrote

“Your older daughter is right, you are manipulative and controlling,” another said

“You’re using money to try to influence the bride in choosing your favorite dress,” someone said

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