Mom who ‘just wanted to shower’ returns to find house totally destroyed by toddler: ‘Omg this is so bad’

A mom captured the chaos that ensued when she tried to take a shower, and the horrifying footage is going viral.

Mom and TikToker Sadie Jane (@simplysadiejane) gained over 4.8 million views and 13,000 comments when she posted the disaster her toddler created while she was in the shower.

“So you have a toddler? And you thought you could shower? NOPE,” her on-screen text read.

In a follow-up video, Sadie explained that all she was trying to do was shave her legs — and while she was doing that, her 3-year-old and her dog completely tore apart her house.

Mustard bottles, toilet paper, water, mysterious brown piles, chips — it looked as though an entire grocery store had been dumped out on Sadie’s floor.

Even the dog got caught in the toddler’s crosshairs, ending up covered in ketchup by the end of the onslaught.

All in all, the mess — which took her little one only 20 minutes to make — took Sadie over two hours to clean.


Never try to shave your legs with your 3 year old and dog unattended. #lessonlearned #threwaway4rugs #andashowercurtain #rip

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“DO NOT TRY TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS. Just don’t. Stay hairy til they’re 12,” her on-screen text read.

‘I feel your pain sister, I feel your pain…’

TikTokers weighed in by the thousands, sharing their own painful stories of toddler-induced chaos.

“I’m laughing so hard at this, in empathy, because I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a son like that,” one parent wrote.

“My son chopped his hair as I got up and was walking upstairs. Kids will do crazy things in less than five minutes,” another parent shared.

“Once found my fridge door lying on the ground, cause I wanted to go to the bathroom by myself. That was a stupid idea,” commented another parent.

“Reminds me of the time mine soaked the cat in Pinesol then ripped his diaper off and went streaking outside,” one parent wrote.

“My toddler opened up our spices and filled our kitchen floor with them while I was in the bathroom,” another parent commented.

“I have a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old, and they team up! I feel ya! They found the food coloring at grandma’s house and squirted it all over her carpet,” wrote another parent.

“Yep. When I shower, I get out all wet at least once to check on what she is doing,” commented one parent.

“I feel your pain sister, I feel your pain,” commiserated another parent.

And while many TikTokers felt the need to pass judgment on the mom, accusing her of leaving her child unattended for too long, others simply marveled at the mess her toddler was able to make so quickly.

“Omg… you gotta throw the whole kid and house away at this point and start over,” one user wrote.

“OMG, this is so bad,” gaped another user.

Judging by Sadie’s harrowing experience and all of the bone-chilling tales other TikTokers shared in the comments, it’s clear that it doesn’t take kids long to make huge, horrifying messes.

So parents, if you dare to shower in the future, be sure to arrange some kind of supervision for your little one, lest your home become a disaster zone!

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