Mom slammed for making ‘irresponsible’ decision with her daughter’s college fund: ‘Completely unfair’

A mother torn between the welfare of her two daughters is getting criticized on social media. 

The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to discuss her issue. It appeared that in order to help one daughter, she would have to hurt the other. When her 19-year-old with a history of stealing as a teen was caught in another criminal case, she needed money for a lawyer fast. The mom now claims she was forced to take money from her youngest daughter’s college fund to pay for her oldest daughter’s legal bills. 

“My oldest daughter (19) was a varsity athlete, straight-A student, 35 ACT. She got into a good private college but is taking a gap year. Her college fund is secured because her father (who I never married) is paying for the entirety of it,” the mother wrote. “I was married to my youngest daughter’s father for ten years before he died and I’ve had to save for her college fund on my own.”

When the oldest was 15 years old, she was caught stealing a bike. The mom paid for a lawyer back then and it appeared the daughter had cleaned up her act. That was until now. 

“But because she’s been working with unreliable coworkers in a barely supervised store, she’s now in the middle of a missing money and inventory situation,” the mom said. “She got fired and then an officer called to question her. She promises me she wasn’t the culprit. I called up a lawyer. He calls the detective on our behalf and tells us that this is serious.” 

The mother believes that a charge like this could ruin her daughter’s life. To pay for the lawyer’s $5,000 retainer, she took the money from her younger daughter’s college fund. But ultimately, the lawyer will cost at least $10,000 — and all of it will come from the fund. 

“When my younger daughter found out that it was coming from her college fund, she started screaming at both of us,” the mom said

Reddit users did not agree with this mother’s decision. 

“This is completely unfair. Why do you favor your older daughter so much? Why are you willing to sacrifice your younger daughter’s college fund to enable your older daughter to steal?” one user wrote

“You are sacrificing your younger daughter’s future to bail out a daughter who has been taught that you will always be there to protect her from the consequences of her actions,” another user said

“You are rewarding your older daughter’s bad behavior while punishing your younger daughter who hasn’t done anything wrong,” someone wrote. 

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