Mom slams body-shamer who said she needs a ‘mommy makeover’

A mom is firing back at someone who said her body needed an expensive “mommy makeover.” 

Rachel Pedersen is a social media and marketing expert with over 903,000 TikTok followers. The mother of three from Minnesota shares everything from career advice to personal stories. Pedersen isn’t shy about getting real about her “mom bod” either. She shows off her “stretched” tummy skin and diastasis recti, a common postpartum condition where the abdominal muscles separate. 

Ultimately, her body looks like a lot of moms’ bodies after pregnancy — totally normal. But when someone made a body-shaming comment to Pedersen, her response may not have been what anyone expected. 

“After having three kids, I was told I would need a ‘mommy makeover’ for $10,000 to $20,000. Here’s what happened,” Pedersen wrote in a video caption


Mom bodies are beautiful. Natural, enhanced, stretchy. I’m gonna love mine ✌️ #mommymakeover #momtummy #momstomach #postpartumbelly #mombodies #mombod

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Pedersen then lifted up her sweater to expose her belly. She let it all hang out as she danced around proudly.

“Mom bodies are beautiful. Natural, enhanced, stretchy. I’m gonna love mine,” Pedersen said

The video garnered 2.4 million views. People praised her self-love and confidence. 

“Amen. There’s nothing bad about being natural. We should love and be proud of our bodies and all that they’ve accomplished,” one person said

“Your videos are making me start to LOVE my mom body,” another wrote

“You are giving me confidence. I have such bad fear and anxiety, but this made me feel so good, thanks,” a user commented

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