Mom slams daughter over her ‘selfish’ holiday plans: ‘It’s breaking my heart’

A mother is being slammed for calling her daughter’s holiday plans “selfish.”

She disapproved of her daughter skipping the family’s annual Christmas dinner. The mom shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. 

“My daughter is 24,” she wrote. “She recently got married. She and her husband recently bought a log cabin on a small island in the middle of a lake. The lake is in the middle of nowhere and at least a good six-hour drive from my house. Her father and I invited them to our house for Christmas Eve dinner, which is a tradition in our family. However, my daughter told me that she and her husband are planning to spend December 14 to January 6 at their cabin, just the two of them and their dog.” 

The mother felt this was inappropriate. 

“Even though the lake will be frozen in the winter, they plan on getting there by snowmobile,” she said. “This is just her way of making sure they won’t have an excuse to entertain guests. I told her that they can’t just shut themselves out from the world during the holidays. I haven’t seen them since the spring. It’s breaking my heart that my own daughter would be so callous. My husband agreed and lectured her over the phone. Now my daughter isn’t returning our texts.”

Reddit believed the mother was being unreasonable. 

“Maybe it’s because there’s a global pandemic,” one person commented.

“Your daughter just got married and wants to spend some time with her husband. This isn’t selfish, this is normal,” another said

“What exactly gives you or your husband the right to lecture your adult daughter about how she spends her time?” someone added.

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