Mom stirs TikTok controversy when she shares ups and downs of 13-year marriage in 1 minute

This parent shared a TikTok video depicting the ups and downs of her 13-year love story, and viewers are divided. 

TikToker Brittany Jade (@brittanyjade___) is a busy mom who’s known for sharing videos about motherhood, marriage, self-love, and sobriety.

Recently, Jade posted a tongue-in-cheek sketch she made with her husband, Wyland, that playfully details the highs and lows of their 13-year relationship, and viewers had some strong opinions on the couple’s choices. 


Our 13 year love story in 1 min. ❤️🥺 Whats meant for you will always find its way back to you. @theszabozoo #reconciliation #marriage

♬ original sound – Sarah Cothran

In the clip, each shot is captioned with a pivotal moment from the couple’s relationship, which they reenact using costumes, props, and some choreography. 

After an emotional few clips detailing a relapse and separation, things start to look up for the couple in the next few shots, showing them getting married and then starting a family before moving back to California. 

Yet more rocky roads lie ahead as Jade explains that their marriage grew “toxic” after the birth of their twins. The couple’s relationship hits bottom when they go through a $100k divorce and are forced to have no contact with each other. 

But Brittany and Wyland’s story does have a happy ending. After spending a year apart to “do deep internal work,” they reconnect “after realizing how much both had changed and grown.” The clip’s final shot happily reveals that now the family of 5 is “back together and stronger than ever.” 

The couple’s relationship trajectory elicited some strong reactions from viewers. 

“I hope those on the outside don’t take this as hope in toxic relationships,” commented one user 

“100k is outrageous, and [it] almost seems like they are too codependent to actually leave the toxicity,” mentioned another observer. 

Other viewers had a different perspective and praised the couple for hanging in there through good and bad times. 

“I see 2 people who didn’t give up on themselves or their family,” one user affirmed. 

“The negative comments are so wack. You guys went through what was necessary for yourselves and your family,” said one supportive viewer. 

Regardless of people’s opinions, it’s still inspiring to see a couple be open about their struggles and how they deal with them. 

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