Caring 2-year-old has sweetest reaction when mom gets stung by a hornet: ‘Poor Mommy!’

This toddler had the sweetest reaction after her mom was stung by a hornet!

Karalea (@karaleapior) is a mom and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddlers and their often hilarious hijinks. Karalea was stung by a hornet recently and shared an extremely sweet video showing how her 2-year-old, Franki, responded. In the video, Franki not only shows concern for her mom, but springs into action to help her recover!

The video begins with a shot of Franki standing in the backyard. The toddler wears a floppy pink hat and holds a piece of watermelon in one hand and a toy in the other. A caption reads, “My 2-year-old’s reaction when I got stung by a hornet.”

Franki approaches her mom, a look of concern on her face. “I’m gonna give you a Band-Aid,” the 2-year-old proclaims.

In the next shot, Franki stands near the back door of the house. She looks up at her mom and asks, “Do you need a Band-Aid?” 

To which Karalea replies, “Yeah, I do!”

“Poor mommy,” Franki replies as she walks into the house.

Next, Franki pulls a first-aid kit out and places it on a table. “It will be okay,” she tells her mom as she opens the kit and begins rummaging around in it to find a Band-Aid. 

Karalea holds out her arm and allows Franki to gently place a Band-Aid on the hornet’s sting. The toddler carefully sticks the Band-Aid onto her mom’s arm, tapping it lightly, before proclaiming, “You can play again!” 

The video ends with Karalea giving Franki a kiss on the cheek and saying, “Thank you, sweetheart.” 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the sweet moment between mother and daughter!

“So caring. You’re a great mom!” wrote one viewer. 

“The sweetest little girl!” wrote another TikToker

“She’s clearly modeling how the adults around her care for her, so you’re doing a great job,” another TikToker commented. 

Having such a caring toddler must have taken some of the sting out of Karalea’s wasp encounter!

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