Mom stunned by 2-year-old’s reaction to her getting frustrated

Amy, of TikTok’s aymieandgracie, conducted an experiment with her 2-year-old daughter Gracie. But she didn’t expect the results to be so emotional. 

Amy imitated her Gracie’s usual behavior ranging from clumsy flubs to light outbursts. But no matter how fussy Amy was, the 2-year-old had the perfect response. It became clear that Gracie was taking on the role of “mother” by mimicking Amy. So here’s how it went down. 

“Getting my 2-year-old’s reaction to me doing things that she does on a daily basis. The end got me,” the caption says.


Getting my 2 yr old’s reaction to me doing things that she does on a daily basis. The end got me…🥺 #foryou #fyp #reaction #toddler #tantrum

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Amy and Gracie sit on the couch to have a drink. Amy spits up her water. Gracie asks her, “What happened?”

Next, Amy sits cross-legged on the floor with a frown and her arms folded. Gracie asks if she is angry. When Amy nods, Gracie comes over to console her. “Don’t be angry,” she says stroking the mother’s face to soothe her. Then she gives Amy a toy, a hug and a kiss. 

During playtime, Amy says she can’t open a toy using its plastic key. “It won’t fit. The thing is broken,” the mother says, making a fuss. When Gracie notices, she stops playing with her own toy, then walks over to Amy. The toddler tells her everything is OK and uses the key to unlock the toy. 

“See, there it is! This is not broken at all!” Gracie says. As the two begin to play some more, Gracie encourages Amy. 

“You’re doing a good job, mama. You best friend,” Gracie says hugging her mother. Amy, taken aback, stops playing and hugs the little one back. 

The touching video racked up 14.3 million views. People praised Amy’s parenting skills. 

“She’s modeling all of your reactions to her usual behavior. She responds so compassionately because that’s how you’ve treated her!” one person wrote

“And that’s on good parenting,” another said

“Your child’s de-escalation skills are amazing,” a person added

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