Mom surprised to find toddler bathing pet pony in the bathroom: ‘In the house?’

One mom in Northwich, England, got quite the surprise when she discovered her three-year-old daughter giving her Shetland pony a bath — in the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” the mom asks as she’s filming.

“I’m giving him a bath!” daughter Harriet replies while spraying the seemingly content pet.

The little girl appears to be somewhat of a pro at this pony-bathing situation, having already outfitted herself in red rain boots. (Very practical for soaked floors, not going to lie.)

“You are just giving him a bath?” the mom asks incredulously. “In the house?”

“Not again!” she adds.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Harriet has taken it upon herself to bathe her pet pony indoors. Not only is she comfortable spraying the pony with a handheld showerhead (warm water, too, thank you very much), but she’s also tied him to the toilet roll holder, so he can’t make a break for it. Pro move, for sure.

Once the toddler finishes, she’s even got a colorful beach towel to dry off her patient pal.

Talk about true friendship. You can bet this won’t be the last time mom finds Harriet and her pony opting for indoor bath time fun.

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