Mom teaches her toddler how to use a stove: ‘He is going to be the best cook!’

This TikTok parent shared a video of her talented toddler son cooking scrambled eggs on the stove all by himself!

Laura (@lauralove5514) is a mom and TikToker whose toddler might just be the next Gordon Ramsay. Laura shared a video of her son Jonah cooking scrambled eggs by himself at just one and a half years old!

The video, which racked up a whopping 13 million views and counting, begins with Jonah opening a child-size refrigerator and pulling out his ingredients: an egg and some milk. Jonah carries his ingredients over to a counter, where he pulls out a mixing bowl and begins prepping his meal. 

He cracks the egg into the bowl, adds his milk, then throws in a few spices. Jonah works slowly but methodically, and even though his fine motor skills are still developing, he always appears confident in his task. 

As Jonah preps his meal, Laura explains how she helped prepare Jonah to cook on a real stove. “We’ve been working up to this for quite a while now,” she says. “He has been practicing using the stove with no heat just to see how he would do. After a while, I realized that he wasn’t touching the pan anymore and he understood that it was hot.”

Once the eggs are prepped, Jonah heads over to a mini breakfast cooker. In her narration, Laura explains that she wanted to start Jonah out on a smaller stove using low heat before allowing him to use the full-size stove.

Jonah adds his egg mixture to a pan and scrambles it as it cooks. Finally, once the eggs are thoroughly scrambled, he puts them in a bowl and heads over to a table to enjoy his meal. He looks proud of himself as he eats the eggs

“He was so cautious. He did amazing,” Laura says. “And you can just see in these clips how happy he was that he was able to try. Of course, I was still right there. I was very close to him making sure that he was being safe.”

TikTokers were impressed by Jonah’s cooking skills and applauded the tiny chef

“He is going to be the best cook!” one TikToker exclaimed. 

“My 19-month-old is sitting in the corner licking a shoe,” another viewer joked. 

“He seems so confident and at ease! Way to go, Jonah! He looked very proud of himself!” another TikToker wrote. 

While parents should be careful to make sure their kids are staying safe while using potentially dangerous kitchen appliances, Laura’s video proves that it’s never too early to instill a love of cooking in your kids! 

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