Mom thinks toddler is saying ‘duck,’ realizes she’s actually saying ‘stuck’: ‘This gets funnier the more I watch it’

This mom thought her toddler was saying “duck” then realized she was actually saying something else, and parents can totally relate

Miscommunication is bound to happen when you have a toddler. You think they’re saying one thing when they’re really saying something totally different.

This innocent blunder is what happened to TikTok parent Rachel Parker (@rachel_delilah), who thought her adorable daughter, Delilah, was musing about a duck, then realized she actually got “shtuck” in her chair. 

The heartwarming clip, which has over 6 million views on TikTok, shows little Delilah outside seated on a porch chair. The words, “When you think your toddler is saying duck, and realize she’s STUCK,” are written on-screen as the camera zooms in on Delilah’s adorably puzzled expression. 

“Delilah!” Parker trills from behind the camera. The toddler perks up and smiles as though she’s saying, “Hey Ma! Got a minute? I could use a hand.” 

“What does a duck say?” Parker asks. “Quack Quack,” Delilah quickly responds while continuing to look for an exit. 

“What was that?” Parker asks again. The bewildered toddler responds, “I said I’m shtuck.”

Still under the impression that her daughter is talking about the bird, Parker once again asks, “What does a duck say?” 

“Quack quack. I’m shtuck,” Delilah answers. 

“Aww you love ducks,” says Parker, while Delilah keeps declaring, “I’m shtuck. I’m SHTUCK!”

Upon realizing her daughter is actually stuck in her chair and not pondering the existence of ducks, Parker leaps from her chair exclaiming, “Oh! You’re stuck!” and the camera stops rolling. 

Viewers couldn’t help but playfully take part in deconstructing Delilah’s interior monologue. 

“She’s like ‘quack quack… but I don’t see how that’s relevant to the situation,’” said one user. 

“‘I’m not really seeing any ducks, but I do have a lil situation here..’ Too funny!” another viewer joked. 

“This gets funnier the more I watch it,” another user commented.

Clearly when it comes to raising toddlers communication goofs are just par for the course.

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