Mom threatens to ‘financially cut off’ son over the name he picked for his child: ‘Grow up’

A mom sparked backlash after she shared the reason why she is considering cutting off her son financially.

She shared her family’s recent breakdown on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum under the username DepartureWhole. In her post, she explained that she recently had a baby, and what she chose to name the child is now tearing her family apart.

‘I’ve been supportive’

The Redditor said she had her son very young and recently had a “change of life baby.”

“When I was four months pregnant, my son, who was in college at the time, told me that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant,” she wrote. “I wasn’t very happy, but I’ve been supportive and I’ve given them a lot of financial assistance.”

She wrote that when her daughter was born two months ago, she named her Clara — and her son’s girlfriend went “ballistic” and claimed that they were going to name their daughter Clara.

“I told her she needs to grow up and that she doesn’t own the name,” DepartureWhole said. “My son asked me if I would consider changing Clara’s name. I said no and he stormed out of the house.”

‘She hates me more than she loves her daughter’

The next day, the Redditor’s son and his girlfriend told her that they want to name their daughter Paxtyn — and they were very upset when she reacted negatively to the name choice.

“I even asked her if she likes the name Paxtyn and she said she is going to like it when I have to tell my friends I have a granddaughter named Paxtyn,” she wrote. “So she pretty much said she hates me more than she loves her daughter.”

The Redditor’s son said she has two months to change her daughter Clara’s name — and she said they are “both idiots” and she feels “bad for their future child.”

“I also said if they name their daughter Paxtyn just to be spiteful I will not give them any further assistance,” she wrote. “My son called me up and said I was being controlling, but when I asked him if he actually likes the name he hung up.”

‘Grow up’

Commenters had strong feelings about the matter — and most of them were on the mom’s side.

“They have no claim to the name. You can name your child whatever you choose,” one user said. “And if they’re ‘responsible’ enough to have a child, they should be perfectly capable of supporting themselves without your help financially.”

“He and his girlfriend are being ridiculous,” another wrote. “If they really are choosing a name to spite you, while also treating you rudely, I don’t blame you for wanting to cut him off financially.”

Others thought the Redditor had the wrong approach.

“You played this wrong. You should have gushed about the name Paxtyn – just been really supportive and talked about how you couldn’t wait to meet baby Pax,” one user wrote. “Takes the teeth out of their ‘threat’, prevents escalation to this exact situation and might even motivate them to change it to something else.”

“You shouldn’t be financially supporting your son and his family anyway,” another user said. “You are playing their game rather than being a parent … they need to grow up, as do you, and quit this bulls***.”

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