Toddler catches mom throwing away the ‘one toy she can’t stand’ in hilarious TikTok skit

This mom on TikTok shared a funny skit of how her daughter caught her throwing away one of her toys, and parents can totally relate!

Every parent has a toy of their child’s that drives them crazy, and TikToker Bri Becker (@brimbecker) is no exception. One of Becker’s videos features a skit of her young daughter catching her in the act of throwing away “that one toy [she] can’t stand,” and it’s hilariously relatable. 


There’s always that one toy you just can’t stand … #momtok

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The clip begins with a bright plastic toy microphone with colorful buttons heading for its demise in the trash can. Becker dubs the video with audio from Bob’s Burgers, making the whole scene even funnier. 

Becker presses her foot down on the trash can’s lever, opening the lid while holding the toy over the ominous black hole of debris. Just as she’s about to toss the toy in the garbage, the clip cuts to her daughter, peeking out from behind a corner. 

“What are you doing?” asks Louise Belcher’s voice, over a shot of Becker’s adorable daughter wearing a blue nightgown. 

“Oh hi, Louise,” Becker mouths over Linda Belcher’s voice while guiltily hiding the toy behind her back. 

“Hi, mom,” her daughter says in the voice of Louise. The clip quickly cuts to Becker slowly stepping backward and then back to her daughter. “You’re holding my stuff,” lip-syncs her daughter as Louise. 

“Hello, my little lady,” Becker, still backing away, lip-syncs over the audio of Linda Belcher. The shot quickly cuts to her daughter standing closer and looking visibly upset. “Hello, mom. What are you doing with my stuff?” the little girl asks, channeling Louise Belcher. 

The footage cuts back to Becker, who’s backing out of the room at this point. “I was just welcoming our newest…” Linda Belcher’s narration says while Becker swiftly leaves the room. 

Becker’s video had viewers in stitches, while many were also impressed by how well her little daughter can lip-sync.

“When parents hate the toy noises,” joked one user. 

“Lol, too funny and so true,” one viewer said.

“She’s better at lip-syncing than most people,” complimented one observer. 

“Omg, she lip-synced that perfectly. I got confused for a second,” said one stunned user. 

While the toy microphone’s whereabouts have yet to be confirmed, Becker’s daughter definitely has a talent for performing!

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