Mom-to-be brought to tears by her family’s ‘toxic’ pregnancy comments: ‘I’m tired of my baby being avoided’

A mom-to-be is horrified by how her family has treated her during her pregnancy

Her sister had two children and then decided to use long-term birth control. But when she became pregnant, her sister decided to have more kids — her sister also stopped speaking to her. Now her mother refuses to let her discuss her pregnancy at all. 

The mom-to-be asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. 

“Background: I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and am due this fall,” she wrote. “My sister and her husband have 2 girls and decided they were done having children a few years ago, so she got an IUD, and he got a vasectomy. Well, last year, they had a reversal and a removal because they decided they wanted more kids.”

“Now, on to the issue at hand: I found out I was pregnant quite a while ago, and since the day my sister found out about my pregnancy, she has refused to talk to me or be where I am. This was until Mother’s Day, she showed up and ignored me. Since then, my mother has told me not to bring up my baby, my pregnancy, or anything related.”

“My mom thinks that me ignoring my pregnancy is for the best when I am around everyone to not hurt her feelings,” the Reddit poster said. A couple days ago, we were all at my parents’ house, and I got a really strong kick to the ribs; and I reached down and rubbed my belly to ease the cramp. While doing so, my sister made a face and continued her conversation with her husband. My mother, on the other hand, started to scold me for ‘rubbing my pregnancy in my sister’s face.'”

“Since this happened, I have been shushed and ignored by my mom when it is anything pregnancy related. I’m tired of my baby being avoided like the plague. No one even cared to ask what we plan on naming her. I’m to the point of tears while writing this with frustration and confusion.”

Redditors felt the family was being cruel and unreasonable. 

“Your family is toxic. If they’re treating you like this while pregnant, imagine how they’ll treat your baby,” a person said

“Shushed and ignored by your mom? Your sister already has kids. Not like some women who can’t have them. Tell her to grow up,” another wrote

“Your family sounds horrible, and I’m so sorry you have to deal with that and the stress involved,” a TikToker replied

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