Mom-to-be captures the emotional moment her dog realizes she’s pregnant: ‘So amazing and beautiful’

This TikToker shared the beautiful moment his dog realized his wife was pregnant, and it’s so moving!

Ryan (@maxpotentialdogtraining) is a dog trainer, dog lover, and dad who shares sweet videos of his family on TikTok. When Ryan’s wife Stephanie was pregnant, he shared an incredibly heartwarming video of the moment his dog, Nova, realized Stephanie was expecting.

The emotional video begins with Stephanie sitting on a couch with one dog curled up beside her and her other dog, Nova, standing on her lap. Ryan films as Nova presses her head into Stephanie’s forehead. Stephanie smiles as Nova stares at her. 

“Nova, what are you doing?” Ryan asks. 

Stephanie leans back and gives Nova a kiss on her forehead, as the loyal pup continues to stare at her owner. 

Ryan laughs as he asks, once again, “Nova, what are you doing?”

Nova turns to look at Ryan, taking her eyes off of Stephanie for the first time, and Ryan asks, “Are you protecting?”

Nova seems to consider the question for a moment, before looking back to Stephanie once again. The video ends as Stephanie rubs Nova’s ears affectionately and Nova presses her head into Stephanie’s stomach. 

Ryan’s video racked up an impressive 3.2 million views and had viewers jumping into the comments to express their love for dogs, and share stories of their own pregnancy experiences with their canine companions. 

“Oh my, she’s so sweet,” one viewer wrote. 

“My rottweiler did the same thing. Had ours a week ago and he loves her to bits,” another viewer shared. 

“My dog would straddle my belly. She never put weight on it. It was the cutest,” another TikToker shared.

Not everyone’s dogs were as perceptive of their pregnancies, however. 

One viewer joked, “I’m huge and my dog is still clueless.”

Many researchers believe that dogs are capable of sensing when people are pregnant—even if they might not know exactly what it means. Because dogs’ noses are so sensitive, it’s plausible that they might notice the changes in hormones that occur when people become pregnant. 

Dogs are also thought to be incredibly perceptive of human emotions. It’s possible Nova wasn’t sniffing out Stephanie’s changing hormone levels and was instead reacting to her mood. Either way, it’s clear Nova loves her owners very much.

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