Mom-to-be opens emotional baby shower gift 10 months after her mother passes away, and TikTok is in tears

An expectant mother broke down at her own baby shower after opening an emotional gift from her father — and TikTok is crying right along with her.

Mom-to-be Stephanie (@stephanienunez87) wrote in the on-screen text of her video that she lost her mother 10 months ago — making this particular gift from her dad incredibly special.

Even before the first-time mom opens the box, it’s clear she’s emotional — but the second she sees what’s inside, she completely breaks down.

Inside the box is a beautiful quilt. For a while, all the viewers can see is the lovely pink underside of the quilt.

But when Stephanie’s dad steps in to hold it up, he turns it around to reveal the other side, which is made from the clothes of Stephanie’s mom.

Judging by the emotional footage, it’s safe to assume there wasn’t a dry eye at Stephanie’s baby shower.

‘I’m crying so early in the morning…’

And there wasn’t a dry eye to be found on TikTok either. At 3.1M views, this video is clearly touching the heart of every user it encounters.

“I’m crying so early in the morning. Sorry for your loss hun. She’s gonna be your baby’s guardian angel,” one user commented.

“This brought me to tears. My mother is my world. I can imagine how u felt when u saw that. God Bless you guys, your father is very thoughtful,” another wrote.

“My grandma says when God takes someone, he gives someone back. Now she is getting your baby ready for life with you. Congratulations & best wishes,” commented another user.

Stephanie, touched by everyone’s words, took the time to comment, “Thank you everyone for your kind words. Best gift I was given. All I wanted was a gift from my mom. I miss my mom, my everything.”

Hopefully Stephanie find comfort in seeing how many hearts and lives her mother is touching with this viral video.

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