Mom-to-be faces backlash over ‘disrespectful’ baby name demand: ‘This is ridiculous’

A Reddit user is refusing to change her cat’s name at her sister’s request. 

The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She has an 11-year-old cat named Dio. But when her sister became pregnant, the sister wanted to name her future child Dio. Now the sister wants the cat’s name changed. 

“I have two cats, Tonks and Dio,” the user wrote. “My sister has been saying she’s gonna start trying for a baby. I’m like cool okay congrats (not a big fan of kids myself but good luck to her). Fast-forward three months and she’s pregnant and starts talking baby names.” 

Then the woman got an unexpected text message with a bizarre demand.

“[My sister’s] boyfriend’s friend texts me yesterday saying her boyfriend’s family has a tío (uncle) Dio and would appreciate if I rename or re-home my cat. […] No, you’re not taking my cat and no I’m not renaming him so that’s what I tell the friend. And like two hours later my sister calls me and just says something like she can’t ever be over at our (mine and mom’s) house with a cat named after her son. It’s disrespectful,” the user said

Most people on Reddit felt the sister was being absurd. 

“She’s naming her kid after your cat. This is ridiculous,” someone wrote

“Cat had the name first, end of story,” another said

“Your sister is naming her child after your cat, not the other way around,” a person commented.

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