Mom-to-be infuriated by family’s reaction to her baby name choice: ‘Naming your child is personal’

An expecting mother picked out her baby’s name but her own mom doesn’t like it. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. The woman is pregnant with her second child. She chose what she thought was an ordinary name for the baby’s first name. But when the Reddit poster’s mother heard the name she disapproved

“Had my heart set on my baby’s name,” the Reddit poster explained. “The middle name is the same as my mother’s middle name and the first name is something I always liked. The other day, my mom had apparently forgotten what the first name was so I reminded her and she let out a judgmental, ‘ugh.’ I asked her what’s up and she said that she doesn’t like the name and thinks the kid will be made fun of for it. The name isn’t at all made up or even that unique. It’s a pretty average name.”

But when her mother brought up the name again, the Reddit poster retaliated.

“Yesterday it came up again and she remembered that the middle name was gonna be the same as hers,” the mom-to-be said. “But I told her I decided to change the middle name to something else since she wanted to be judgmental and negative about the first name. She started crying and got pretty upset. Said that I just did that to hurt her. When she says things that are negative to me, I get triggered and lash out since I never stood up for myself growing up. Although her reaction to her grandchild’s name may seem minor, I know her. She reacts like that because she wants a different name, or to have some sort of influence over the name.” 

Reddit users had mixed feelings regarding the family issue.

“Naming your child is personal and no one is entitled to a namesake,” one person said

“I’m gonna have to say everyone sucks here because you were both hurtful to each other,” another wrote

“Your mom is controlling and trying to guilt-trip you, but it seems like you may need help in letting go of the resentment you have,” someone added.

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