Mom-to-be infuriates older sister with pregnancy announcement timing: ‘That’s her problem, not yours’

A woman’s surprise pregnancy announcement didn’t go over well with her big sister. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain the incident. She and her husband DH discovered they were pregnant. It would be her parent’s first grandchild. She made the announcement on a family video call.

But when her big sister K heard the news, K was more upset than excited. 

“I am married to my DH and have an older sister who I’ll call K,” the Reddit post wrote. “DH and I recently got pregnant and though I keep a healthy distance from my parents, we still talk. Boundaries are really important to have with them because they will trample over your entire life and privacy.”

The post continued, “I decided to just tell my family about the latest news during a monthly family video call. I said DH and I had some news and then said I was pregnant. My parents, sisters and grandmother lost it, screaming and laughing and crying in joy. This is the first grandchild/great-grandchild/niece or nephew so they understandably had pretty dramatic reactions. Everyone was excited except for K who stayed completely silent the entire time.” 

Her sister quickly left the video call without saying much. 

“Later I get a text from K saying that she was going to make a pregnancy announcement then too, but that I had ruined it,” the Reddit poster said. “I should have asked her specifically before making the announcement because she, as firstborn, should have been the one to have the first grandchild, that my child would get all the attention and love and hers would be second rate.”

She continued, “I sent her a text saying that I had no clue she was pregnant and congratulating her and that I was sorry she didn’t get to make the announcement when she wanted to. I then, possibly quite stupidly, asked when her due date was. K said, ‘Don’t worry, you’re first.’ And has not answered anything since.” 

Reddit users thought the sister was out of line

“She’s just mad because she’s not the center of attention and that’s her problem-not yours,” someone commented

“Just because she’s older doesn’t mean she has to do everything first,” another said

“How were you supposed to know she was pregnant and planning on announcing at the same time you were?” a user wrote

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