Mom-to-be stirs controversy with surprising baby shower announcement: ‘I really have no choice’

A pregnant mom disinvited her overbearing sister-in-law (SIL) from her baby shower.

She shared what led to her rescinding the invite on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. A doctor required the mom to handle as little stress as possible, which became too tall of an order with her sister-in-law around. But the sister-in-law finally crossed the line when she planned the user’s baby shower then made it all about herself. 

“My SIL, Lottie, is the most high-stress person I’ve ever dealt with. She planned our gender reveal and threw a HUGE fit when we didn’t immediately hug her first after we found out the gender of our baby,” the mother wrote. “Yesterday Lottie called me to discuss the details of my baby shower. She had booked a caterer I loved, a theme I loved, purchase beautiful decorations and had already taken care of only inviting people with the premise of 6 feet apart and social distancing.”

But her sister-in-law had a few caveats. 

“I was so thankful until she told me she only demanded three things: she wanted a speech about how grateful I am for her, her kids get to open my gifts for me and that the cake be her favorite kind,” the user said. “Now, this may be me being petty, but I lost it. I said my baby shower was not about her. I already planned on thanking her in a simple speech during the shower, I don’t mind her kids opening like one present for me. And even the cake is whatever, but she somehow made this shower all about praising her and her wants. I told her no. She said the stuff was non-refundable so I really have no choice, I told her it was paid for by my mother-in-law’s card and that we’re keeping the stuff and she’s not coming.”

Reddit users thought the mom had good reason to get fed up. 

“It’s incredibly manipulative to make demands after deposits are paid and booked,” a user commented

“She needs to learn that doing nice things is its own reward,” another said

“Your SIL is a selfish drama queen,” someone wrote

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