Mom uses her toddler for ‘genius’ cleaning hack: ‘Work smarter, not harder’

This TikTok parent came up with the funniest floor cleaning hack. She attaches a mop to her toddler’s ride-on car and lets her toddler drive around the house!

Monica (@mo9cabang) is a mom of five and TikToker who makes funny videos about her family and writes that she is “just here to have some fun!” Recently, Monica came up with a cleaning hack that is as brilliant as it is hilarious. The creative mom attaches a mop to her toddler’s ride-on car and lets her clean the floor by driving around! The funny hack not only saves Monica time on house cleaning, but keeps her toddler entertained at the same time! 

The video begins with Monica’s first failed attempt to get her toddler to help clean the house. The toddler lies on the floor wearing pink pajamas. Her feet are tucked into the sides of two mop heads, and she lies on her stomach, holding onto a robot vacuum cleaner. 

The toddler is waiting for her mom to start the vacuum cleaner up, so that the vacuum will pull her around the house. Unfortunately, when Monica starts the vacuum cleaner, nothing happens. The toddler is too heavy. “She was ready,” Monica writes in a caption. “Didn’t work.”

Next, Monica tries a new strategy. This time, Monica’s toddler sits atop a ride-on car wearing a bright pink helmet. A green mop is tied to the back of the car. When the toddler begins driving, she pulls the mop behind her, cleaning the floors as she explores the house! 

“I have the solution!” Monica writes in a caption as the video ends. 

Monica’s hilarious video racked up more than 18 million views!

“Work smarter, not harder,” one viewer joked. 

“This is genius!” another TikToker commented. 

“If ‘you gotta earn your keep’ was a person,” another viewer joked. 

Monica’s hack certainly is a fun way to get toddlers involved in house cleaning chores!  

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