Mom brilliantly transforms 0-6 months gown into adorable toddler dress

A parent on TikTok shared an adorable and sustainable hack for transforming baby gowns into clothing that kids can wear up to age 2!


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Watching your baby grow is one of the most exciting things about being a parent. But constantly buying new baby clothes to fit them can really wear out your wallet. Fortunately, this TikTok parent has a genius idea to make baby clothes last longer.

Bekkah (@rebladd95), who is a mother to a toddler, shared a simple trick that helps get the most out of a baby gown. 

In the video, Bekkah shows a baby gown meant for ages 0-6 months, that has an elastic at the bottom which causes the material to gather at a baby’s thighs. Bekkah explains that this elastic “prevents [babies] from wearing them as they grow,” so she devised a way to extend the shelf-life of these garments. 

Bekkah then proceeds to remove the stitch thread around the elastic in order to remove it from the gown entirely. 

Once Bekkah has removed all the stitching, she tosses the elastic and gets rid of any remaining loose thread. 

The final product is a flowy dress-like piece of clothing with lots of room to grow. 

Bekkah shows off the newly transformed gown on her own baby, who happily runs around the house in the garment. 

‘Why have I never thought of this?!’

The gown was a hit with TikTok users, who commented how much they loved the idea.

“Why have I never thought of this?! Thank you for sharing,” wrote one comment. 

Others were as interested in Bekkah’s baby as they were in the gown.

“Ok [you] didn’t warn us [you] have the cutest baby in the world,” said one TikToker. 

“That is one cute baby,” wrote yet another fan of Bekkah’s little one. 

When you have a good idea for a piece of clothing, it never hurts to have a great model.

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