Mom transforms empty cardboard box into elegant dress-up armoire: ‘I absolutely love this idea’

Turn an ordinary box into an elegant kids’ costume armoire with this DIY game-changer!

TikTok account Crafty Moms (@craftymoms) has garnered a following of almost 3 million users for their videos featuring clever hacks and DIY projects for parents. So it comes as no surprise that their trick for turning a basic cardboard box into an elegant costume armoire is a total DIY dress-up game changer. 

The video takes viewers through a speedy, step-by-step process of the magical transformation. The cute, pre-makeover footage reveals a messy room with costumes strewn about and then cuts to a shot of a large cardboard box turned on its side with the top facing forward. 

The filmer covers the box with wrapping paper before hot gluing a cork as a doorknob to customize the creation. Then, they cut out two holes on the top of each side to fit the wrapping paper roll, which serves as the closet rod. The box’s opening flaps cleverly function as the armoire’s double doors. 

The finished product is a stylish armoire fit for tiny royalty to easily hang their regalia and help encourage kids to clean up after themselves. 

Viewers on TikTok were unanimously in love with this darling DIY dresser. 

“I can already tell you’re going to save me so much time and money,” one user commented. 

“I absolutely love this idea! How genius,” gushed another viewer. 

“Not me stalking your page and not even being close to a mom,” someone else joked.

It’s incredible how much a little imagination can transform an ordinary cardboard box into something extraordinary. Between saving money, protecting the environment, and helping your kids flex their creative muscles, there are many benefits to making your own toys and games. When it comes to DIY projects, sometimes it pays to think inside the box.

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