Mom translates toddler’s mysterious language for nanny via text in hilarious TikTok series

This mom flawlessly translated her child’s “toddler-isms” for her sister.

Corey (@accordingtocorey) is a parent and TikToker whose daughter, Charlie, is old enough to want to express herself, but just a little bit too young to do so in coherent sentences. Fortunately, Corey is amazing at translating what Charlie is trying to say!

In a series of videos, Corey shares texts between her and her sister, Caitlyn, who is also Charlie’s nanny (“aka, “Auntie Nanny”), in which her sister asks her to translate what the toddler is trying to communicate!

One particularly funny video begins with Caitlyn  texting her a video message. In the video, Caitlyn pans the camera over to Charlie who is standing in front of the television making sniffing sounds. “Charlie, what are you doing?” Caitlyn asks. 

The toddler responds by repeating the same sniffing noise and pointing at the television. “What does [that] mean?” Caitlyn asks her sister

Without hesitation, Corey responds to Caitlyn, explaining, “It means she wants to watch Bear in the Big Blue House on Disney+ because in the beginning, he goes, ‘Sniff sniff, you smell good.’”

Moments later, Caitlyn responds with a video of Charlie happily watching Bear in the Big Blue House, showing just how well Corey knows her daughter!

In other videos, Caitlyn interprets other nonsense words and sounds as Charlie wanting to talk to a specific person on the phone, requesting her pacifier, and even asking to play with a specific TikTok filter!

Viewers applauded the mom for knowing her daughter so well!

“Understanding your kid before they use real words is a mom’s super power!” one viewer wrote. 

“Knowing your baby’s communication is like being in an exclusive club,” joked another TikToker

“This is my new Netflix series. Next season please!” pleaded another viewer. 

Corey is certainly an impressive toddler translator!

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