Mom tricks veggie-hating toddler into eating cauliflower with a little white lie: ‘Whatever works’

A mom was hilariously ruthless when it came to her toddler’s picky eating

When kids are still developing their palate, they can be pretty choosy with foods. They’ll be obsessed with a meal one week, then totally repulsed by it the next.

Tracy is a mom of three who vlogs about motherhood on TikTok. She shared her secret for getting her finicky toddler to eat veggies — and deception was a key ingredient.  

“When your toddler doesn’t like veggies but loves the kung pao ‘cauliflower’ chicken,” Tracy said. “Shhh, don’t tell him.” 

The mom gave a wicked smile and laughed maniacally as she showed off a pan of the kung pao cauliflower. The sauce perfectly disguises the chunks of veggie as meat.

Sometimes kids don’t like something, and sometimes they think they don’t like something. At the end of the day, it’s all about how the meal is prepared and how it tastes. 

Most parents on TikTok found that a little trickery in the kitchen was for the greater good. 

“Whatever works. I did this to my kids too,” a person wrote

“I do the same with tacos,” another added

“My kid has been calling eggplant parm the best pizza he’s ever had, I’m not correcting him,” a user said

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