Mom desperately tries to figure out how she got her baby to sleep through the night

A mom shared a hilarious video on TikTok in which she desperately tried to recreate her baby’s bedtime routine after he finally slept through the whole night.


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Parents of babies are on a constant quest for their little one to get a full night’s sleep. And when it does finally happen, the new goal is to get it to happen again.

This all-too-familiar experience was chronicled by TikTok parent Katie Flynn Crum, who filmed herself trying to remember every last detail that led up to her baby’s rare sleep event

“Did he drink 8 or 6 ounces?” she wonders as she looks at her baby formula dispenser machine. 

“Did we bathe him for 3 or 5 minutes?”

“Did I read You Are My I Love You or I’ll Never Let You Go?” she asks herself while holding both books. “Oh ya it was both,” she finally concludes.

“Was the heat set at 70 or 71?” questions Katie with her hand on the thermostat. 

“When I laid him down did I say, ‘I love you, goodnight,’ or ‘I love you, see you in the morning?’”

Parents can relate

Tired parents hit the comments section in droves to commiserate with the relatable video.

“This is the funniest most relatable thing I’ve seen on TikTok,” one comment read.

“Ahh…..!!!!!! Not even the whole night, 3+ hours is a win for us. This is soooo funny,” wrote another.

That second TikTok parent is getting at something very real, which is that a baby getting a full night’s sleep is nearly impossible, at least in the first couple of months.

According to WebMD, a baby’s need to eat overrules their need to sleep in the first two months, so it’s not uncommon for them to wake up every couple of hours to feed, regardless of the time of day. But by 3 to 6 months, babies can usually sleep for six-hour stretches at a time.

The good news is that creating a routine for your little one will help make sleep easier on you both. For infants between 7 and 36 months, WebMD recommends playing active games in the daytime and quieter games in the evening to help tire your child out while keeping them from getting too excited right before bedtime. Giving your child a bath right before bedtime is another great way to calm them down. 

Whatever you choose for your child’s bedtime routine, make sure it’s calm, peaceful and consistent. Sweet dreams!

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