Supermom demonstrates how she manages to take triplet toddlers to Costco all by herself

This TikTok parent showed how she manages to go on a solo Costco run with triplets, and it’s so impressive!

AnneMarie (@annemarie_plus_3) is a TikToker who is “raising an army of 3 year olds,” according to her TikTok bio. AnneMarie shares videos of life with her 3 toddlers, and while all of the videos are adorable, AnneMarie isn’t afraid to share some of the more challenging motherhood moments she experiences.

One of those challenging moments? Taking 3 rambunctious toddlers on a Costco run by herself.

In two TikTok videos, AnneMarie shared exactly how she manages a solo Costco run with her triplets. The videos, both of which are shot in time-lapse, show just how much work it takes to go grocery shopping with 3 toddlers.

In the first video, AnneMarie buckles her triplets into their car seats, drives to Costco, places the triplets in a shopping cart, and goes about her shopping as the triplets patiently snack on candies

The second video, meanwhile, shows how much work it takes for AnneMarie to unload her car once she arrives home. In addition to carrying the groceries herself, the impressive parent has to contend with a car full of toddlers. 


Part 2 – Again, this was pre covid-19. Thank u for all the love + support on my 1st vid! Wagon is from WonderFold use code annemarie #fyp #foryou #mom

♬ original sound – AnneMarie_plus_3

In order to get both the triplets and the groceries into the house, AnneMarie starts by opening the car’s passenger doors so she can keep an eye on the triplets at all times. Then, she opens the trunk and begins placing bags of groceries in a foldable wagon beside the car.

Once the cart is loaded, AnneMarie pushes it towards the house, lifts it up the 2 front steps, and pushes it through the front door.

Leaving the wagon full of groceries just inside the doorway of her house, AnneMarie returns to the car and begins unloading the triplets. While the first two toddlers begin to walk towards the house on their own, the third spends a few moments staring into the distance, before noticing his mom and siblings are going inside. 

Finally, AnneMarie shepherds all 3 triplets into the house. The video ends as she helps the toddlers up the front steps and through the open front door. 

Viewers were impressed by AnneMarie’s solo Costco journey and jumped into the comments to praise the supermom.

“Good job mama, you’re awesome!” commented one TikToker.

“The fact that you took everything in one trip!! Rockstar mom. I have anxiety so I would carry my kids and bags at the same time [for] multiple trips,” another viewer wrote.

“Wow props to you, not many moms can handle this!!” commented another viewer.

The video also touched the heart of a teenage triplet, and helped them appreciate their own mom. 

“Wow love this. I’m a triplet also with two brothers. We are 17. I don’t know how my mom did it. This is amazing!” the triplet wrote. 

AnneMarie’s awe-inspiring video shows just how much work goes into completing mundane tasks when you’re raising 3 young kids!

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